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Re: (TFT) Space Conquest (I must be bored today...)

Quoting dwtulloh61@cox.net:

I thought there was a very nice start for this in one of the Interplays, I
forget which one at the moment.   I thought it would have made an excellent
starting point for TFT:Space, but HT elected to go with the Starleader game

I recall reading it at some point. But I never really liked the stuff other people did. It always appeared that their focus was something other than TFT. For example, one article gave pretty bogus stats for ancient armies. Were we really to believe that everyone in an army had exactly the same stats and stuff?

---- raito@raito.com wrote:
> Skill-wise, I'd trash most of the existing Talents.
I think you could get by with trashing some Talents, combine others.  For
example, you might have a Missile Weapons: Bows, Missile Weapons: Single Hand
and Missile Weapons: Two Handed.   Two Handed Missile weapons would encompass
things like Crossbows, Rifles, etc.    Missile Weapons: Single Handed would
encompass things like Pistols, one-handed crossbows, etc ... but Bows are
different enough that they require their own category. Same could be done for other Talents - Swords might encompass things like Force
Swords, Vibroblades, etc.  But Knives are always useful and need to be kept
regardless of your setting.

I see where you're going, but I disagree. In a high-tech setting, non-powered weapons are very much in the minority. I doubt I'd even make the Bow talent available at all. Part of the point is that powered weapons do not require ST to do damage, only archaic weapons do. And yes, knives may be useful, but is fighting with steel (or ceramic for that matter) taught when there are zero-ST options available?

> There would also be skills for operating starships. Various levels of Piloting would account for this - anything that "flies." That would be WWI planes to X-wings to Imperial Star Destroyers. ( although
space piloting might different enough from aeronautics to warrant its own
category ).

But it does not account for everything, or even close to it. Part of the idea is that you MUST have a crew to fly larger ships. Otherwise, you're off to Skylark land...
Then too, you would need some kind of Driving ability.

I didn't say I'd trash all the talents.
As far as a ship goes, I don't see why you couldn't fold in the Warpwar concepts : beam weapons, screens, etc ... unless you wanted to go all SFB on somebody.

Um, from this reply, I wonder just how much you contemplated my original message. I have my own system which has been successfully used over many years (I think I first wrote that code 20 years or so ago). And I never liked Warpwar much, though there's some similarity.
Part of what makes my system easier to integrate over Warpwar is that:

1. It's not all combat. At the end, Warpwar is just a combat game. 2. It's smaller in 'scale'. Meaning that you don't just go to a star system, and all systems are pretty much the same. My system already has that stuff worked out. The only difficult part (apart from writing down enough specifics to make it worth while) was figuring how to formulate something like the split between heroes and wizards.
Neil Gilmore
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