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Re: (TFT) Last one for the night: Target gets hit by higher Dx for disengaging

No. It's not a special extra rule giving extra attacks. It's just explaining the logical implications of moving away when your action comes up in DX order. In your example, meeple A got his attack at the adjDX 11 point, which is what the rule is talking about. A does NOT get an EXTRA shot just because B is disengaging. And the reason B doesn't get an attack is simply because A disengages before B acts. No one gets an extra attack for having someone disengage them.

(Note: There are some house rules players have invented that allow other ways to disengage that do give an extra attack, but those aren't in the published official rules.)

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Subject: (TFT) Last one for the night:  Target gets hit by higher Dx for  disengaging
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Target gets attacked by higher Dx for disengaging?

meeple A is adjDX 11.  meeple B is adjDX 9. Presumably meeple A has already 
attacked, and B watns to run away.  Meeple A has already attacked but from what 
I under stand in the rules it looks like A gets a parting shot on the defender. 
Is this correct?

Now if we reverse it and say Meeple A is disengaging, it looks like B does not 
get a parting shot because his dex is lower. 

verify please?
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