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(TFT) Does size matter? (catchy subject, reveals typically non-plussing subject matter)

On Tuesday, August 2, 2011, Chris Nicole wrote:
> Jay,
> 20D6 aginst (my) intelligence seems rather severe.

This was more due to my trying to defend against a very high IQ
Wizard/Mnoren type rather than an implication of a low score on your part

> In my defence I would say that Squirrel 1 was clearly trying to
> communicate with us.
> He said "FEED ME".
> He was polite at first, but quickly grew more insistant.
> If I had replied in interspecies guineapig* he might have got the
> message sooner.
> [* a language I'm familiar with if not fluent in.
> When speaking to other animals, GP's use simple/baby language, speak
> loud and slow, and say everything three times!]

It's that non-verbal, tonal bit of communication that can be so important.
A "horse whisperer" and whatnot.

That IQ might make a difference after all...

> I would like to point out that we did not stamp ON the squirrels.
> No squirrels were harmed during the making of this adventure.
> p.s. Jen said I should have hit the squirrel with the plastic bag.
> Personally, I think I would then have had to extract an angry squirrel
> from the bag.

I'd say that if they manage to engage in HTH then they might cling in just
that manner...
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