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Re: (TFT) chances of doing very little damage

I see two things going on here.

Thing number one has to do with hand weapons and their uses.

Thing number two is about the tools used to play the game.

On the weapon side the main issue is just what your weapon was made to do.
A weapon with an edge uses different mechanics than a weapon that spreads it
out more over an area for example.
If a baseball bat had an edge then the roughly 45 degree rotation of the bat
during a basic swing would matter more.
Of course a stick of wood is MUCH cheaper than a sword and Id certainly
give modern sports bats a finely made bonus.
So in the case of a sword edge the batsman not only needs to worry about
the timing and arc of their swing, they also must control the mechanics in
such a way to bring the edge to bear.

On the other hand this is 5 second intervals checked at 3d6 vs. adjDX for an
Attack option.
So however one visualizes the Attack Action for a given Figure using a
given weapon the thing is gonna need to match up with the tolls used to
Also, TFT mostly divides a successful Attack from the damage it does.
That gives a rather odd feel to whats happening in a given turn to me.
The 5 second turns could be seen as allowing the Attack to represent several
flesh wounds suffered over the course of the turn as easily as it could be
seen as the result of a single blow.
However, a number of things in the ruleset suggests to me that generally a
successful Attack was viewed as being the result of a single well-placed
blow over the course of 5 seconds.
If thats the case then it would seem to me that a blow that landed against
adjDX but missed the sweetspot of the weapon could result from a low
damage result.
Its not the only interpretation considering 2 random checks and a hazy time
duration but thats where I see a misturned sword-wrist result coming into
TFT play most likely.

One of the things I like about the TFT system is that once players realize
that its harder to hit Yatzee the more dice you add to a roll they start
trying for simplicity rather than theatrics.
But the theatrics can be a whole lot of fun
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