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Re: (TFT) chances of doing very little damage

Rather than supposing that the small damage hits are modelled as misses, I guess I'd ask whether you had the Sword Talent to begin with. In my experience, cutting with sharps does rely very much on edge orientation. Poor orientation does result in bouncing weapons, as you have seen. There's a fair amount of practice involved in getting a blade to hit edge on, every time. Learning how to do that is part of the Sword skill. After a while, it becomes natural. And while it's true that sometimes weapons do bounce in combat (I may do SCA mostly, but I have done rebated steel as well), I've found that they don't bounce as much as you'd think. I have also found that they tend to bounce and slide more from armour than they do from non-armour, which rather nicely fits into TFT's armour mechanic. And lighter weapons are more prone to this than heavier ones (a poll axe doesn't slide around much, unless you're wrestling with it), which is also modelled fairly well with the current die modifiers for lighter weapons. Unless you do a lot of cutting, it's rather a specious exercise to extrapolate damage effects from your experience.
Neil Gilmore
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