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Re: (TFT) chances of doing very little damage

Sure, though in my example, the cardboard isn't even moving, let alone dodging, and I don't think I completely missed any swing at it. But if some fluke of angle, weapon sharpness and target hardness, can have tape blunt a blow by even a dull-ish sword, then against a moving target with actual armor (even leather or cloth), I am thinking there would be a fairly high chance of blows failing to cut.

It made a big impression on me because there was a huge difference between a 2-3 foot wicked slash through both sides of thick cardboard, and basically bouncing off leaving a shallow dent, even when it didn't seem like I was doing much different (it just mattered whether the sword "bit through" or not). It certainly wasn't 2d6 or even 2d6-2 against zero armor. It was more like 2d6 except when hitting the slightly reinforced edges which had say a 1/6 of turning it into 1 point of crushing, and even the cutting hits on that edge were down to like 1d6-2. It really messed with my gamer's sense of how reliable damage should be, especially with an actual weapon against cardboard and tape! I mean, I'd be about ready to equip a bunch of spear fodder with cardboard & tape armor! ;-)

--- fuhrmanator@gmail.com wrote:
Let's think of 4-dice to-hit vs a defending opponent, who by the way needs a
weapon to be able to defend. There are conceivably hits that make physical
contact (glancing off the weapon that's being used to defend), even if you
"miss". The point of defending is that it makes it harder to make an attack
that does any damage. Dodging is another story (since it requires no
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