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Re: (TFT) Mars - Rick was hot.


I seem to be seeing "flows" of water.
In a low density atmosphere is the movement of frozen vapor on the surface
enough for these images?
This looks like more volume to me than can be accounted for via the blowing
around of winter frosts... but I'm not a good judge of such things.
Being an "Earthling" I tend to look at Mars as a sandbox for my
"teraforming" ideas... but I'd like to get the "story" as right as I can
from a conceptual standpoint from the pov of my betters.
In other words, I could be clueless about aspects of our collective
understanding about Mars that my ideas are childish to the point of
Elseif I could have some idea of what is required to fully "kill" a planet.
Useful info when dealing with Mnoren I think.
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