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Re: (TFT) Crafty paper dungeon figures

Very pretty.
Cheaper than lead-alloys seems to be the advantage here... along with some
beautiful artwork.

I'd have liked to seen them made to scale.

I have Dragons that don't look very pretty (I think my players imaginations
are better than my artistic abilities) but the things are  "jointed" and can
move in ways that facing a static Figure just can't cover.

Pretty doesn't convey information any better than pretty handwriting does
over ledgable writing does.

I do admire pretty and have gone to some pains to allow for quality modeling
but w/o guidelines of what the model should meet then these strike me as
very pretty tokens that a penny would serve to fit the hex.

I don't mean this as a "jerkish" thing... I'm just saying that a very pretty
token is still a token.
I have this copy of Lord of the Rings Monopoly...
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