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Re: (TFT) Mars

On Fri, Aug 19, 2011 at 3:40 AM, Chris Nicole wrote:

> If I wanted to roleplay Mars, I would be very tempted to go for
> something closer to Edgar Rice Burroughs version.

Well yes, but we no longer need to "make it all up" as much as we did way
back when (lol the 70's... like that's WAY BACK!)

> I see no problems using TFT to game it, allowing for new races, monsters
> and some cross over between magic and martian technology...

Just to put this quickly without rambling.... Races are different versions
of ourselves (32 pts when scrubs) and technology/magic seems to be weirdly
specific to the specific location and time-period of the "race" involved.
I'd expect the "Vikings" to have several "spells" used on those nutty
side-oars used on those Longboats in place of rudders.
All I've done with Mars so far is plop water into her "basins" to a level.
I've little idea as to currents or prevailing winds yet... I'm trying to get
a good picture in my mind for Earth to use in these considerations...

> I fancied a wargame combining ERB and Wellsian Martians for gaming
> Earth's retaliation following the War of the Worlds, using captured
> Martian tech and Victorian ingenuity.

Ahhh I see... The "Tech" mentioned is specifically a H.G. WELLS (WE ARE NOT
WORTHY) type Ender's Game, "let's 'Bug Hunt' aliens because we don't

> And there are Lizardmen and dinosaurs on Venussss too!

And they are the only "RACE" that can manage to throw a boomerang for 2d6
Or are "half-Lizards" verboten?
Ergo, half-Lizards are not a "race".

Do you get better at athletics if your a half-orc, as opposed to a human?

WTF is up with THAT?
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