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Re: (TFT) Mars

If I told my players we are roleplaying Mars tonight and they got there
just to find a frozen ball of rust.
I'm pretty sure you can imagine their reaction.

If I'm going to Role Play Mars, I want canals and flying boats, radium
rifles, beautiful princeses and six armed monkeys.
Or Tripods and Cephlapods..
Or even Wooly Mammoths... 

For me RPG is about storytelling and entertainment.
I like my worlds to be reasonable rather than realistic.
Narrative is as strong a force as gravity, sometimes stronger...

When I want a realistic model, I go back to my model railway.

Having said that, Mars Victoria Station is the terminus of a cape gauge
(3'6") railway built by the British Martian Expeditionary Force...
Imagine a steam loco with oxygen tanks on the tender and a big green
six-limbed fireman shovelling pellets of radium into the fire box!

If JC can impregnate DT and produce a viable egg then I don't have any
problems with half-lizards on ERB Venus.

I really ought to read more of this stuff!


  Chris Nicole

On Fri, 19 Aug 2011 23:10 -0700, "Jay Carlisle" <maou.tsaou@gmail.com>
> On Fri, Aug 19, 2011 at 3:40 AM, Chris Nicole wrote:
> > If I wanted to roleplay Mars, I would be very tempted to go for
> > something closer to Edgar Rice Burroughs version.
> >
> Well yes, but we no longer need to "make it all up" as much as we did way
> back when (lol the 70's... like that's WAY BACK!)
> > I see no problems using TFT to game it, allowing for new races, monsters
> > and some cross over between magic and martian technology...
> >
> Just to put this quickly without rambling.... Races are different
> versions
> of ourselves (32 pts when scrubs) and technology/magic seems to be
> weirdly
> specific to the specific location and time-period of the "race" involved.
> I'd expect the "Vikings" to have several "spells" used on those nutty
> side-oars used on those Longboats in place of rudders.
> All I've done with Mars so far is plop water into her "basins" to a
> level.
> I've little idea as to currents or prevailing winds yet... I'm trying to
> get
> a good picture in my mind for Earth to use in these considerations...
> > I fancied a wargame combining ERB and Wellsian Martians for gaming
> > Earth's retaliation following the War of the Worlds, using captured
> > Martian tech and Victorian ingenuity.
> >
> Ahhh I see... The "Tech" mentioned is specifically a H.G. WELLS (WE ARE
> WORTHY) type Ender's Game, "let's 'Bug Hunt' aliens because we don't
> understand...
> > And there are Lizardmen and dinosaurs on Venussss too!
> >
> YES!
> And they are the only "RACE" that can manage to throw a boomerang for 2d6
> damage...
> Or are "half-Lizards" verboten?
> Ergo, half-Lizards are not a "race".
> Do you get better at athletics if your a half-orc, as opposed to a human?
> WTF is up with THAT?
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