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(TFT) Mars

NASA announces a big discovery about Mars press conference at 11:00 in the
a.m. my time and nobody in the u.s. press gets to it before I can get it
from the BBC.
Not even NASA's own websites.
Flowing water on Mars...
Flowing water?
Each "summer"?
<Scratches bleeding hole in scalp>
How does the water get up the highlands to flow down into the "valleys"?
There's not really weather...
Am I really that stupid?
As this is a speculative matter and not a issue of future planing I'm gonna
take the liberty of assuming I'm not completely dain-bramaged and that the
water in the highlands could end up being quite an issue.
Wikipedia is saying;
"Current models of the planet's interior imply a core region about 1,480 km
in radius, consisting primarily of iron with about 1417% sulfur. This iron
sulfide core is partially fluid, and has twice the concentration of the
lighter elements than exist at Earth's core. The core is surrounded by a
silicate mantle that formed many of the tectonic and volcanic features on
the planet, but now appears to be inactive. The average thickness of the
planet's crust is about 50 km, with a maximum thickness of 125 km.[27]
Earth's crust, averaging 40 km, is only one third as thick as Mars crust,
relative to the sizes of the two planets."
So until I get a better idea of exotectonics the understanding I have so far
says that it might not be geological activity that's circulating the water.
I've got a bastardized Velikovsky-like idea ("Velikovsky would rebuild the
science of celestial mechanics to save the literal accuracy of ancient
legends") that has Mars being hit "ballistically" by an object that strikes
it like a bullet hits an apple.
Phobos, Demos, a bunch of meteors so the Eskimo's can have a few metal
harpoon tips... and a bunch of water splashed outta the ocean basin up onto
the highlands to get frozen in pretty quickly as the "bullet" took the
atmosphere with it...
Now I'm back to projectiles in a rough vacuum at 1/3rd earth gravity...
Of course if their teraforming via greenhouse gas emitters (factories even)
then over time the friction is gonna increase but I'd rather carve giant
chuncks of heavy gas out where its frozen and lob snowballs at Mars till she
has a little blanket.
Maybe even park Pluto on her.
I'm not a very patient creator... I like to muck about in things... part
seas and whatnot from time to time.
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