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Re: (TFT) Crossing a Continent

1 point of TFT ST equals 5.5 pounds moved at 1 foot per second.
It follows that it takes a little under 700 ST to move 3000 pounds at 100

Theres about 36,650 watt-hours in 1 gallon of petrol working out to around
97,313,950 foot pounds or 17,693,445 ST.
So with a potential of over seventeen and a half million ST in a gallon of
gas lets have it move an average American car down a straight, flat roadway
at 100mph.
As Im not dealing with a rocket but have an engine I dont have to burn all
the gas at once.
4000 pounds (an average American car) moves at 100 mph with just under 875
ST of force per second.
If I burn the whole gallon in an hour theres about 4915 potential ST per
second available.
Ouch! Thats about five and a half times what I need to sustain 875 ST.
That doesnt seem right
However, Im assuming 100% efficiency here arent I?
Lets see
Roughly 15% fuel economy on average?!?
Thats only 737.25 ST per second.
Thatll move the compact at 100mph but not the midsized average.
Instead of pairing the idea down I actually need to crank it up a bit it
Or maybe not.
At a consumption rate of about 20 miles per gallon the fuel moves the
vehicle about 105,600 feet for each gallon burned, or 24,759 hexes, or 2476
Battle Maps n/s.
This suggests Id need 5 gallons to run at 100mph for a period of one hour.
Thats back up to 3686.25 ST per second at 15% efficiency.
Thats over 4 times what I need.
But then again, 100mph isnt the vehicles top speed now is it?
120? 125? 150?
4000 pounds at 125mph is about 910 ST, 150mph is a tad under 950 ST.
Still needs some work but a "Cannonball Run / Gumball Rally" all Car Wars
style ought to be doable perhaps...
Then I can start figuring out how to build an Ogre.
Or maybe I should say Auto Battles and Leviathan?
If imitation is flattery I've got a towering inferno of smoke for SJ's
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