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Re: (TFT) Jay's a bit Loony over the weekend

Each turn is a week.
Seasons are going to affect things.

January  March
Weeks 1  13
Fell trees and haul timber
Indoor work such as spinning and weaving
Repair, maintenance, and fashioning of tools
Gathering of fuel and general maintenance of buildings on milder days
Diseases of deficiency; Scurvy

April  June
Weeks 14  26
Clear ditches and repair sheds and roofs
Spring pruning, fruits
Shear sheep
Mow hay
Planting and field maintenance
Diseases of respiration; Pneumonia

July  September
Weeks 27  38
Weeding gardens
Reap grain and bundle sheaves
Thresh, winnow, and grind grain
Fruits picked
Diseases of the skin; Pox

October  December
Weeks 39  52
Gather forage like nuts, roots, berries, and mushrooms
Fields plowed and fallowed or planted with winter wheat
Firewood split and stacked
Animals not to be wintered slaughtered
Winter pruning, coppice
Diseases of the intestines; Typhoid

Im currently looking at having various goods and food spoil after certain
Basically if they arent used or sold in time they are discarded.
I'm also considering limiting some Actions to seasonal activity.
And the seasonal diseases are just whats most prevalent when, more of a
dictum really.
Anyway, run off to war and I've a pretty good idea of what's not getting
done back home at least.
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