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(TFT) Opposed resolution checks

This is for opposed checks where a Figure rolling under the Stat checked
against but higher than opposing Figures wins the better result.
Rolling the exact number of the checked Stat gains the best result.
For a 5-second turn check everybody chooses their Effort in dice and then
everybody throws all dice at once (1 colour or size per player).
An Effort of 3d6 is a normal exertion at full-speed, additional Effort
dice cost 1 fST per die over the initial 3.
A half-speed Effort of 2d6 allows a gain of +1 fST that turn.
Players spend dice according to the highest adjDX.
A player must initially spend at least 2 dice in their own hand.
Additional dice are spent one per round as long as more than one player has
additional dice to spend.
Additional dice can either be spent on the players own hand to increase the
effort involved in the Action they are attempting or they can Cover a die
in an opponents hand with one of their own turning a 2 to a 5 for example,
assuming that the opponent is within range.

I really like the feel of the above but it can require quite a bit of dice
and more problematically it pretty much gets rid of a damage roll
This wouldnt bother me so much if it didnt muck with magic like it does.
Consider Mr. Millers Bridge of Khazad-Dum scenario.
The most obvious solution is a Gandalf Lightning Bolt but the whole shot
only averages 84 points of damage so go with 4 Trips and maybe an 8 die bolt
(avg 28 and knockdown) while the Rogs around the pit.
However, under what I describe above Gandalf should be able to try a check
at greater Effort which would provide a multiplier to his damage
Or are spells more like bullets?
Nope, nevermind all that fST stuff says Spells dont have simple
triggers, its a process.
Ergo if a wizard is willing to take more risk to gain more effect then Id
have a hard time arguing against it as currently written.
Lightning in relation to more mechanical force is another topic altogether
but Id think that 5pts of damage to clear a wall is only gonna hold in
someplace like a Japanese pagoda.
The pST for even thin sheetrock is probably more than 5pts of damage.
3 normal human Figures (4 in packing problem) fit into a half-hex, not zero.
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