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Re: Change (was: (TFT) Jobs table: ...)

Quoting gem6868 <gem6868@verizon.net>:
Lots of ancient philosophers were into all sorts of stuff.  And Newton was a
die-hard Christian.  So?
Responsible scientific methodology is a very new concept, not even a hundred
years old.  100+ years ago, 90% of so-called "scientists" were charlatans,
and wildly irresponsible by todays standards.  Today, there are still plenty
of irresponsible scientists around, but they get called onto the carpet (how
many more times is the "missing link" of evolution going to be found by a
Chinese scientist...?)

Yeah, right. And the guy who recanted his research on childhood vaccination is still being believed. And the scientific method has its roots in Greece.
Magic on Cidri cam be more comparable to whatever guild magicians belong to
today (entertainers?  no idea) than to being part of any methodical
scientific revolution.  Note, this also answers your question RE: Cidri
technology. Finally, while the church as an organization repressive to "progress" gets
kicked around a lot, the church as being the progressive motor is usually
overlooked (not PC).  check into it and report your findings back.  If it
wasn't for the church, you'd still be an illiterate barbarian humping sheep
and roasting your enemies in cages when angry.  And you'd be a "progressive"
barbarian if you knew how to hump the sheep.

My, what a western European-centric view. =====
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