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Re: Change (was: (TFT) Jobs table: ...)

Quoting Margaret Tapley <barnswallow@sbcglobal.net>:

By the way, does anyone else wonder why Cidri technology doesn't
develop any further than it has? We get the lack of firearms (sulfur's
hard to get), but what's keeping back the Industrial Revolution? No
coal? Wizards being paranoid? Some kind of Mnoren-imposed glass
ceiling? This question's probably been discussed somewhere in the
archives, but I'm too lazy to go look right now...

I put it down to 2 things:

1 We don't know when the Mnoren disappeared. It could be that Cidri is still in its 'Dark Ages', and just hasn't got there yet. 2 Because any set of roleplay rules are abstractions, and because abstractions break when underlying assumptions break, it's not very possible for technology to advance without breaking the TFT rules. We already know that the rules don't scale very well, and high technology probably breaks them further.
Neil Gilmore
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