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(TFT) Death Test 1, take 2

OK, so on to things that really matter.

Went through DT 2 last night.  Took four characters all at 26 points.  Two
with longbows and two tanks with 4 and 5 hit armor, and 2d6 weapons.  skipped
the spiders (couldnbt hurt anyone anyway) and went to the bears.  While
successfully beating them up with knockdowns, etc, one managed to get in a
b4b roll and then proceeded to roll a b10b, for net 20 damage, that
killed one fellow (almost twice over).  Bad luck.  Next room we took on four
fighters and even with three managed to knock them out with just a few hits
apiece.  There was a healing potion so the worst fellow with 6 hits was down
to only 2.  We then took on 4 goblins.  Have to admit, I thought even with
just three characters, webd do just fine.  After one round, two were at 1
hit left, having taken 8 out of 9.  Despite this, their high DX allowed them
to pretty much always hit, and they also rolled fabulously well.  Despite the
1-1 dagger and my three characters having 5, 4 and 2 hit armor, things went
south very fast.  First one outmaneuvered my btankb and got on his flank
(now DX15 to hit), he then rolls a b3b and a b6b for damage.  That was
net 15 b5, killed the tank.  The last two characters fought on, finally
dispatching the two with only one hit (who continued to hit every time despite
the b3 DX mod).  Then the two left focused their attacks on Tank 2, finally
both hit and killed him.  The lone archer finished them off.

Three rooms, one character dead in each room.  Ibm beginning to think I
wonbt make it through without a wizard to perform some healing.
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