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Re: (TFT) Howard Thompson & TFT

> Contrary to popular belief, he did not disappear or become a hermit, and
> has always been locatable, but he has zero contact with gaming in any
> way.  Various attempts to speak with him about gaming have gone ignored.

Copyright and trademark can only go so far.
The basic concepts of the mechanics are "free game" (ick, pardon the pun)
from a design p.o.v.
In other words someone using the "spirit" of TFT w/o directly using any of
its text or setting is going to be reasonably okay from a "legal"
I'd be much more uncomfortable about this view if the thing wasn't dead well
neigh these 30 years or so but there it is.
A person would have to be making some actual money off of this for it to
even start to be an issue... I figure I'll worry about that if I ever get
If there's scratch to be made and others have skin in the game then fairs
fair but Hennie Penny only pays out as put in.
It's unwise to kill the goose what lays the golden eggs.
I doubt HT or kin are much too sweat in today's state of things.
I'm not even worried about SJ... too much anyway.
Hopefully he takes it for the homage that it's meant to be, elseif I figure
I'll be hearing from him if I ever manage to create any buzz.
My goal is to create something that's worth bothering about on those levels,
not screwing somebody outta something that's rightfully theirs.
I'm not there yet, but creeping ever closer.
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