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Re: (TFT) Howard Thompson & TFT

On Tue, 4 Oct 2011 12:15:43 -0700
Jay Carlisle <maou.tsaou@gmail.com> wrote:
> Copyright and trademark can only go so far.
> The basic concepts of the mechanics are "free game" (ick, pardon the pun)
> from a design p.o.v.
> In other words someone using the "spirit" of TFT w/o directly using any of
> its text or setting is going to be reasonably okay from a "legal"
> standpoint.

And that's the Basis for Dark City Games.  They play like TFT but they
don't use any copyrighted or trademarked text or images from elsewhere.

I really enjoy their games, which reminds me, I need to buy some!

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