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Re: (TFT) Howard Thompson & TFT

Quoting Joe Hartley <jh@brainiac.com>:
On Tue, 4 Oct 2011 16:13:14 -0400
Cris Fuhrman <fuhrmanator@gmail.com> wrote:

> Based on some facts I found on the web, Dark City Games bought the
> trademark to The Fantasy Trip when it lapsed...
Quite true.  While I'm not a lawyer, I learned a lot about copyright
and trademark law from having to defend my domain name.

Yeah, and isn't that fun... (I love it when stupid people try and dork with me. Especially when they admit lying to me in their emails.)

In short, once you've copyrighted a work, that's it.  You're protected
for the length of the copyright (currently life of the author + 70 years). Trademark is very different. Even though you may have registered a
trademark, you must defend it or lose it.  HT may have lost the trademark
on "The Fantasy Trip" but all the works remain under copyright.

Well, copyright exists from creation. But registration removes a lot of ambiguity if there's a court case. And I think some of the music industry legislation regarding original act names has to do with a modification to trademark law. I've had my share of having to deal with copyright law, like undoing the policies of a branch of a non-profit that may as well have specifically said, "We break copyright law."

Neil Gilmore
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