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Re: (TFT) Magic, Magicians, numbers and power

I would say TFT magic is powerful in different ways than other RPG's magic systems, and that it is quite powerful, and that like most magic (and many other things), it is much more powerful when cleverly used, than when used bluntly.

I once had a player who used the GURPS sound spell, which just makes sound effects, to completely distract and confuse the rest of the party, and to pull of many other useful effects, including in combat. If you are facing what looks like a weak unarmed priest in combat, and you hear a sound like someone in armor preparing a weapon behind you, what are you going to do?

For another example, imagine you have the TFT Fire spell at a level so high you can cast it without gestures, in a non-combat situation, especially one without many or any enemy or police wizards around. What can you think of that you might be able to do with that in the real world? Now think about Image... etc.
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