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Re: (TFT) Magic, Magicians, numbers and power

Quoting gem6868 <gem6868@verizon.net>:
One of the things that struck me is how powerful even an ordinary Wizard is.

Not that powerful, certainly compared to many other roleplaying systems.
Spells consume ST. ST is life. And many Spells either have short fixed duration, or require continuous outlay of ST. Virtually all spells require the Wizard to be in close proximity to the person they're cast on. Thrown spells in particular are not going to be thrown very far. So you get closer to death with every spell, and you have to be near who you're casting it on. Or you have to have enormous reserves of ST at your disposal (so you can continously power a spell, so you can get away from the subject, or send him away from youi). Regardless, I think you'll find the Advanced Wizard spells more to your liking in this regard.
Neil Gilmore
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