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Re: (TFT) Magic, Magicians, numbers and power

I'm most afraid of New Followers.
Business Sense is a close second and then general magic mainly due to the
fST for magic opposed to the "free use" of the Talents.
If a game-world uses a double fST system for magic or worse then I flip that
I find it a bit unfair to force the wizards to spend lots of fatigue but let
the rest action mostly without fST expendatures.
I've worked on having hero types spending fST durring a turn in a similar
manner as wizards do i.e. the niffty "effects" come from fST efforts.
The guy who gets hurt first is usually the one who gets tired first barring
the lucky blows accounted for in the dice.
Well equiped wizards are scarry but a 32pt-er trying to keep a brawler off
their butt is in a bad spot even vs. another 32pt-er.
Like a guy qb type throwing vs. a "girl" thrower... not trying to be mean
but rather discriptive.
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