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Re: (TFT) Pole Weapons

> can't one move up to a pole weapon and NOT attack, thus denying the pole
> weapon his double damage (do something else legal while milling about)?
> ...
> PvK: No.
I wanted to go with Peter on this but then read this again.
Denying the pole weapon x2 dam isn't saying that the pole weapon can't
attack and do damage at all but rather seems to be saying we run up to the
tips of your spear-wall and halt, banging our impi against the backs of our
rawhide shields rythmic in fashion.
Yes in a 5 second turn they may be able to pick up the spears and try a jab
but if the pole is "set vs. charge" then there is no possible jab motion.
If the lightning (shock of impact) rod goes to ground then it works elseif
not so much.
So as I understand the question, Yes.

> ...
> The other thing to do is house rule an attack using the same rational that
> the PW user uses to get his first attack, i.e. attack the pole weapon.
> ...
> PvK: Yes. We did use the rule about this in the article in Interplay titled
> "Cutting Pole Weapons Down To Size".

Thanks for the reminder about Interplay Peter.
I have bits and pieces but was a young buck at the time and scripts just
wern't in the cards.
What drives me nuts about this is that we're litterally talking about a few
fractions of a second in the course of a 5 second turn.
It's a different timescale for individual moments like that than it is for
Melee which assumes that a "tech-nique" is being used for this.
As players get used to this situation they'll allow the moment by moment
control to relax back to a more CRT-like check naturally.
It's like file compression for dice.
I could roll the whole RW2k campaign result as the probability of
successfully winning the computer game in 1d6+1PC attempts as a precentage
that matches xd6 as closely as I can.
X on 3d6 to move on to Traveler elseif you get Gamma World.
Times an odd thing.
Old Hollywood used pages blowing off a calander...
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