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Re: (TFT) scaled stats

At 17:55 -0400 10/6/11, gem6868 wrote:
If so, it makes the decision to fight at DX9 v. DX11 very interesting.  Do
you take the greater protection but suffer significantly on the DX dice to
hit?  Or do you risk being killed much more easily with a couple of solid

Take the risk! Going from 9 to 11 goes from 37.5% to 62.5% chance of hit. That is a gigantic difference. You'll hit almost twice as often, or put another way you'll down your enemy in about half the time, meaning he'll hit you about half as many times. Attacking first makes a big difference, too - if you are both about to die on the same turn, much better it happen to him before it happens to you.

As always, there are exceptions. If your enemy has a 1d-1 weapon, 3 points of armor (leather + small shield, adjDX 11 -> adjDX 9) makes it almost impossible for him to touch you. Then you can take as long as you want to finish him off, so adjDX 9 is OK. But most analyses show that adjDX 11 +/- 1 is statistically the "sweet spot" for a character in one-to-one combat.

	Team tactics also completely alter the picture, of course.

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