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Re: (TFT) scaled stats

On Thursday, October 6, 2011, Mark Tapley wrote:

> At 16:06 -0400 9/30/11, gem6868 wrote:
>>I'm not a math person, so
>>someone else will have to provide details.
>        attached, a plot showing how the bell curve steepens for more
> dice. This is the same data as presented in the reference Jay gave...

My goodness there may be hope for me!
I used to get told I was "adding the wrong direction" in school because I
went from biggest to smallest.
There's usually more than one way to skin a cat.
I'm just happy to have a grasp on the anatomy...

> For n die, the horizontal axis is the
> die roll divided by n, and the vertical axis is the probability of
> that exact roll.
> yellow - 1 die
> green - 2 dice
> light blue - 3 dice
> dark blue - 4 dice
> purple - 5 dice
> orange - 6 dice

Your pic went through for me on g-mail.
I'll cut 'n paste this part as a "legend"

>        So you can see that for 1 die, each result from 1 to 6 has a
> probability of 0.1666 of coming up on a given roll. For 2 dice, the
> possibilities run from 2 to 12 (so on the plot it looks like (2 to
> 12) / 2 -> (1 to 6). The most likely result, 7, comes up 0.1666 of
> the time, but others are less likely, down to 2 and 12 at 0.02777 of
> the time. (Total area under the curve looks less, but there are more
> possibilities - the horizontal scaling compresses the area for each
> possibility, but the total still adds up to 1.0000 for all of the
> possibilities.)

The measurement system tends to run in oddly repeating decimals (so to
speak) as well.
Number Theory makes my head hurt.

>        As you go to more and more dice, the "bell curve" gets
> steeper and steeper, so crossing over the "halfway mark" gets more
> and more important if you want to hit.

High risk, high reward.
What else?
N-dice approaches a coin-flip as N approaches infinity.
"A broken symmetry breaks your heart..."
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