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(TFT) Pole Weapons

We have always struggled with the pole weapons go first always rule.  


There are two ways we have handled it.  


Use the rules as they are.and do what Mark suggested.  In addition though,
can't one move up to a pole weapon and NOT attack, thus denying the pole
weapon his double damage (do something else legal while milling about)?  So
he will get a first attack at regular damage, and then next turn, trade
blows or whatever you like at regular attacks.  I think it is easier to
survive two regular attacks (armor, etc.) and it gives the rest of the team
time to take the PW user out.  Right?


The other thing to do is house rule an attack using the same rational that
the PW user uses to get his first attack, i.e. attack the pole weapon.  If
the damage is equal to the wielding ST required, the PW is functionally
broken.  If half the damage, then the weapon is deflected.  Because you are
attacking the weapon itself, YOU get to go first! :-)  It is also very
possible to come down on a tipped weapon along the shaft and destroy either
the tip or the shaft since it is being leveraged against the ground and the
attacking weapon.




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