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Re: (TFT) Reality vs. Game Mechanics

I'm lucky in that I can get access to some interesting people if I'm careful
to use that time wisely.
Now I'll mention that "sport" tries to "limit" the contest to something
that's "fair".
If I have to kill someone I'm not so much interested in the fairness of it.
I like what Neil mentions about consistent judgments from a GM in a
Take Quigley outta "Down Under" and plop 'em on Mars with that rig and let
'em take that first shot at the same bucket distance and see how he does.
This is a VERY WEIRD subject that boils down to that consistent judgement
from the GM... even when the NPC's loose a major Figure or piece of
equipment over it.
An open ended campaign shouldn't end over something as minor as a PC
takeover of a kingdom.
What kind of g.o.d. are you?
When somebody tries s.w.a.t. team tactics (what is a 'trained' group of PC's
other than a 'Unit'?) vs. a group of 'Musketeers' then the "fencers" can
bitch about 'uncivilized' tactics all they want if they're LUCKY enough to
heal at all.
What was the movie... "The Last Boyscout"?
The O-back pulls a handgun and all those years of defensive training in
"football" proved not so much in such a situation.
Whatever clever you try to pursue, you push your opponent more to do.
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