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Re: (TFT) Reality vs. Game Mechanics

--- barnswallow@sbcglobal.net wrote:
"In the end it looks like SJ just decided to use names of weapons based  
on how powerful they sounded, rather than how accurately they reflect  
reality. The problem could be fixed by just renaming weapons things  
like, "Sword wielded by a ST X figure", or "Wimpy Sword" vs. "Giant  
Honking Sword". But that just doesn't have the same ring to it."

PvK: Yes, though there are also differences in the sizes of the weapons. In GURPS, SJ has it as (from memory):
Shortsword, ST 7, cutting swing +0 reach 1, impaling thrust +0 reach 1, 2 pounds
Broadsword, ST 10, cutting swing +1 reach 1, crushing thrust +1 reach 1, 3 pounds
The actual damage is done based on both the user's ST, and the weapon modifiers, where you have a progression like:
ST 10 swing 1d, thrust 1d-2
ST 11 swing 1d+1, thrust 1d-1
ST 12 swing 1d+2, thrust 1d-1
ST 13 swing 2d-1, thrust 1d 
So ST 10 with a broadsword does 1d+1 cutting swing, or 1d+1 crushing thrust
ST 13 with a shortsword does cutting swing 2d-1, or 1d impaling thrust

"As far as rapiers and Two Weapons... if you have that talent, you  
should be able to wield any two weapons you have the ST for (given  
practice with that particular combination). If you're ST 20-odd and  
can wield two Giant Honking Normally-Two-Handed Swords (aka  
greatswords), why not? PC's with that many attribute points are death- 
on-legs anyway."

PvK: You can do that. The only limit to rapiers is when you try to combine Fencing with Two Weapons. That's where the porous reasoning about teaching habits of the Florentine school are cited (maybe it was a joke like "For Greeks Only" - a hint that a house rule could reasonably allow it?).

"I'd be interested in hearing your opinion on the relative merits/ 
drawbacks of axes vs. swords, and how that could be reflected in terms  
of game mechanics."

PvK: I think an axe tends to be heavier, less balanced so generally slower, shorter so harder to defend with, have less edged surface, usually no hilt and a wood handle, be easier/cheaper to make, and to concentrate more force on a point, and be better at getting through armor. If you're just trying to hit an unarmored target with a sword, it's easier since a sword tends to be faster and to sweep out much more area with blade, but a sword doesn't get through heavy armor as well. GURPS tries to represent a fair amount of that, but doesn't go far enough making axes get through armor better, and goes too far making them slow (for realism and balance purposes).
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