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Re: (TFT) Pole Weapon suggestion edit

That's similar to what GURPS does with polearms, in that thrusting with any polearm or spear is about the same (does the same damage anyway), but some of the polearms can also be swung for more damage (but it makes it unready for longer).

--- gem6868@verizon.net wrote:
In game terms, and I'm talking about how the game works not "reality", you 
can say this about the pole weapon - it's a combination spear and axe.   If 
the bearer uses it as a spear, it functions exactly like the pole arm weapon 
spear with appropriate rules (three hexes, whatever you version says).  Or 
you can use it as a battleaxe, swinging it 2-handed, etc etc etc. but then 
no pole arm rules bonus.

Seems like it might have the right feel.
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