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(TFT) Reality vs. Game Mechanics

On Monday, October 10, 2011, gem6868 wrote:

> Aside from the physical properties of the weapons themselves, it's
difficult to get people to agree on their usage and effectiveness, and the
more people think they know, the more muddy the water gets.  It's a game, so
within the parameters of the game as designed, it seems like there's an
attempt to match the realistic damage from a small impaling rapier and a
massive war axe.  As people seem to acknowledge, GURPS provides a much more
detailed approach that appears to be more realistic.

Part of my "wizards chest" traveling GM-kit is a rolled up carpet that
happens to have roughly 7.5 inch squares that match my square-hex system.
This lets me bring a bucket of "weapons" that allow for a degree of
pantomime in a play session letting players "show" their idea before they
roll it.
When betting it's important for both parties to be in full agreement on the
terms of the wager.

> The main muddle seems to be between the various versions of Melee (at
least two) and Advanced Melee / TFT.

A HT version of Advanced TFT also, see the GM Screen for an example, and
LotUE is a subject all unto itself...

> Probably the best way to correct something or fill in details, would be to
steal it from GURPS.  Certainly if you wanted to go into great detail in a
specific period (Rome, Renaissance fencing, whatever) it would be worth
picking up a GURPS book or two.

Okay... sometimes...
A long time ago in a reality far, far away, I recall a trip of fancy in
which a certain 'marketing strategy' was discussed that was termed "a
butt-load of butt-loads".
GURPS was just out and this was a "vision of things too come" in some ways.
I'm not bitchin, just looking at it.
Frankly, part of it is 'sour grapes' I guess as I simply never felt I could
"afford" GURPS.
Also, some of the "books" are just crappy.
So I think I can do something different.
Maybe not... maybe so.
I'm gonna give it a shot anyhoo.
I want Amber, I want Mnoren, I want apotheosis.
I also think TFT was leading toward "micro-game" representations of "war"
and large-scale 'events'.
Look at the Talent list.
It just got killed in its infancy.
Oddness abounds.
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