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Re: (TFT) Howard Thompson versus Steve Jackson

On Sunday, October 9, 2011, Neil wrote:
> Quoting Sgt Hulka:
>> How could we possibly agree on a house rule to address pole weapons?
> Easy. Whoever's house it is, rules.

Believe it or not I address this "fact" in GRIPES (Generic Role-playing
Independent Player Environments System) where the players are encouraged to
"build" the main locations of their play-world and have to do the
"book-keeping" for what they own.
If a player paid, fed, housed, and trained a "Unit" of Figures to preform
some esoteric Action to give them a bonus in a particular location an
condition-set then it makes sense for that situation to the player.
IMO the Dark Lord doesn't get to pull Figures outta his neathers to exploit
a player weakness however, rather he works within the design.
In other words, just because it's your house in a poker game doesn't mean
you get to debase the chip value.
At least not in a game "I'm" gonna play in...
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