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Re: (TFT) Howard Thompson versus Steve Jackson (and Pole Weapons)

Take this for what it's worth but "I LOVE YOU GUYS"!
I really do.

So I wanna make a point of how it came about that I hump a roll of carpet
about like it was a sleeping bag tied to a chest that has my gaming stuff in
I've gotten way into pantomime over the last few years.
Turns out I was a bit in-tune with the motion tracking games maybe (?).
So for a "basic" long-spear/pike I have this curtain rod.
16 foot max, or the best part of 4 hexes w/o considering Figure "Action".
My "bedroom" is 8 foot by 10 foot and the door is only about two and a half
foot wide.
It's not that these guys couldn't use a long spear/pike well in a 1 on 1
engagement, but "set vs. charge" isn't in the "duel" picture IMO.
And in the "dungeon crawl" the long spear/pike looks like the fight in the
trailer in 'Razing Arizona'.
Awkward and clumsy if effective at all...
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