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Re: (TFT) one thing to do another...

Got absolutly slamed this week on both play and study material and that's
before I got saddled with a new machine with bloody Win7 (back to ThinkPad).
I managed to grab some books on flight published pre WWII that have some
very good info.
I'm trying to apply the stuff on vector diagrams to the plots they use to
describe acrobatics and percision flight manuevers.
This suggests that different model "brooms" mimick different wing designs
performance in "flight" letting me describe stuff like a chandelle, or a
lazy eight, etc. in handeling class terms much like Car Wars uses.
Describing altitude in terms of hex "columns" should scale into height bands
pretty well and the movement system is already pretty close to Car Wars.
As Car Wars also has material on flight and these movement rules need to
cover other modes of transport like sailing or horse racing that TFT has a
few blurbs about I still wanna study this a tad more but it "feels" pretty
good I think if the units are all set right.
I'm pretty sure "brooms" are gonna need a kind of stirrup setup though even
that's not going to help the roll off the back portion of something like an
Immelmann turn.
If it's a DX check to get the back of your knee/s around the broom and a ST
check with x-dice per g of the maneuver to hold it... hummm...
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