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Re: (TFT) Howard Thompson versus Steve Jackson (and Pole Weapons)

On Thu, Oct 13, 2011 at 3:42 PM, Peter wrote:

> I like the logic of your argument against 2x damage but I don't agree with
> it. I think the actual logic is not about setting with a foot, nor about
> running momentum, so much as it is about the physical observation that there
> is a long sharp pole involved that is so long that in order to close to the
> reach of a short weapon, something has got to give, again, by geometry, as
> shown in the cinematic example from _Excalibur_ that you mentioned. That is,
> a pole weapon user has the possibility of holding the pole between himself
> and an attacker, forcing them to brave coming up its length, which could in
> various ways involve some major impaling.

(now is it dule or duel?)

I agree with you Sir and would call this an issue of "moral".
>From a "King" pov this ups in scale to issues of social "unrest" but at a
small "Unit" level a pike that's "set vs. charge" (how long does that motion
take?) vs. a small Unit of charging calvery (how fast are they coming and
with what equipment/bloodlines?) is first off a game of chicken.
Both sides sometimes must ask "is THIS a good day too die?".
That decision, while VERY important, isn't gonna justify x2 dam objectively
to me for a few hexes in front hexside movement or putting the butt in the
ground to me... the force of the charge can be a suicide effort if you've
got the Figures to waste and the training where they'll kama-kama-kama...
Okay, the point is the actual "force" of the Action is a bit different from
the choice to atempt the Action at all.
If your thinking of smacking the boat with your plane then your probably
gonna be stuck with rideing the thing all the way in to get the damage buff
at that magnitude increase so to speak is my idea generally.
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