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Re: (TFT) one thing to do another...

On Thu, Oct 13, 2011 at 8:39 PM, Margaret wrote:

> So do your broomsticks have bike-seat-type saddles on them? Otherwise,
> high-gee maneuvers could get pretty darn painful...

Niffty point there... I'd bet more "martial" type flyers might need
"broom-saddles" for really 'tight' turns at high-g's.
At least if you "envision" riding a broom something like riding a hrose.
Or does a brooms magic kinda make a Wonder Woman Invisable Plane sorta
dealie around the broom all forcefield like?
What happens if the fields touch?
Just because it's a different way to look at the same thing dosen't mean it
can't be worked out in game terms.
It's more about communicating the imagination in a fair and consistant way
that a player can grasp and participate in.
If I know you've thought through your concept of flight and have fair and
objective reasons for ruleings then I'm happy even if I do it different in
"my" game-world.
In other words I'm 'down' with flexability in rules that allows for design
options that don't force a GM into a conceptual box.
Magic for instance.
The possible descriptions of magic are pretty much unlimited.
It's not a good idea for me to force a particular discription on anyone that
would apply across all game-worlds but it is a good idea to point out that
it is important for a GM to describe magic in their game-world.
You can't crack the stone table if magic hasn't been described to the point
that the Witch didn't know the "old" magic.
I've made Maoi on Easter Island ST batteries.
A magic user on the village Ahu has access to some big mojo but he has to be
located on the platform to pull it.
Also I make them where they only get recharged via human sacrifice.
I suppose there's a conversion possible, like plugging u.s. stuff in while
in Europe... but these guys practice a very formalized warfare and the only
acceptable sacrifices are enemey warriors captured in battle so it's not
like I'm trying to be THAT horrible.
Western magic is more "academic" while eastern magic is based off a
hierarchy where the individual wizard channels portions of the collected
"mana" of the entire group in a "cleric" kinda way (and also helps justify a
few Talents like Priest or Theologian).
It's all sourced ultimatly from vaccum-flux.
Really big, very long lived virtual particles.
So if I fix one of them around a broom does that cover flight in total or do
I have to use one "partical" to make a "wing" shape and another for
propulsion and so on?
If I go with multipule "particles" to describe a broom that flys does each
"particle" count toward the rule of 5?
Some seem obvious, like the propulsion particle would get x-speed per ST,
but others like the shape particle are a bit odder to describe (1 of space
shaped hex per ST? But that's almost 80 cubic feet which would strech into
quite a long pike...)  and some effects that would tie to a "particle" are
just plain weird, like the 'control' stuff.
I know that a rat brain (sans the rat) can control a remote vehicle and
Rats have about 20,000,000 neurons in their brains.
Humans have about 100,000,000,000 neurons... can Joe Average run 5,000
I don't think wet-ware is very multithreaded and though left/right brain
might have some vague similarites to dule (duel?) processors but it's like a
PC/Mac thing by that analogy.
Why am I worried about that?
Nobody's gonna use a control spell in the middle of a game of quid...
Wait a minute.
Small tribes, tiny islands and just one wizard possistion open on the local
Jobs List and if you wanna apply you have to choose the correct finger...
That's the way to have it.
Try and land on my island and we'll fill our Maoi's ST and our bellys with
the lot of ye!
I really hate magic.
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