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(TFT) TFT, Car Wars, magic

I've been looking at the zombie thing.
I think I'm going to go with a slightly different model from what many may
The head shot kill is interesting but I've always felt it had to do with
film economics as much as logic.
Like I've noticed that humans running away from zombies fall down a LOT
while the zombies generally don't.
Zombies have a Talent for the Trip spell?
I think its a formal device for the film medium used to build dramatic
One shot one kill saves makeup and stunt work as well as being a nifty model
(I think of that wasp that hag-rides spiders).
But I'm making RPG moments, not movie moments, so my budget is... different.
I'm thinking a virus that controls the body more like a leech with segmental
ganglia like effect spread out across the body/corpse.
I suppose I could make the segments small enough to have severed hands
continue crawling around but the idea is more that a player has to take a
zombie out mechanically speaking to "stop" it.
I get to test hit locations and injury while the players get a bit of a
twist that ought to inspire some creative gore once they feel them out
tactically as I'm figuring on making them pretty slow from a action time
standpoint mostly due to a lack of IQ.
I'm thinking of not giving them any senses at all and just herding them
through areas like a slow motion stampede.
Players getting caught in it would more or less have to clear a hole around
them and keep it open till the horde passed through.
I know there's just over one and a half million hexes in a square mile
So at 1 zombie per hex... where is it really open and flat... Omaha?
The city proper only musters a zombie horde under a third of a mile square
in area.
New York is approaching five and a half square miles but she's over twice
the size of L.A. and by the time you reach San Jose at the tenth largest
u.s. city you can't even muster two thirds of a square mile horde.
And 1 hex per zombie is generous spacing.
Zombie hordes could be doable.
I'm also thinking of making the zombies green in colouring and feeding them
via the sun.
They move north in summer and south in winter maybe.
The problem is they infect what they contact.
The animals leading a pack could be interesting, lots of "pets" and rats
outta big cities, deer, elk, bear, wolfs and the like in more rural areas...

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