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(TFT) how in the world does a shield make an arm harder to hit?

Jay asked, "how in the world does a shield make an arm harder to hit?"

PvK says, "because there is a shield on it, making it hard to get around the shield to hit it." It's only 2 points harder than the -4DX penalty for hitting an arm in TFT. This is one of those things where I don't get why you would doubt this is appropriate. I do get your point that the penalty would probably be more accurately based on shield size, like:

-4: no shield
-5: buckler
-6: small shield
-7: large shield
-8: tower shield

But TFT players who haven't moved to GURPS tend not to like such levels of detail, or at least can't agree on which such detailed things want house rules, or which house rules to use (though they agree more often that a few more fundamental things could use house rules).
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