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Re: (TFT) how in the world does a shield make an arm harder to hit?

On Fri, Nov 4, 2011 at 10:49 PM, Peter wrote:

> Jay asked, "how in the world does a shield make an arm harder to hit?"
> PvK says, "because there is a shield on it, making it hard to get around
> the shield to hit it."

Fair enough, so you wouldn't count the shields armor against a successful
attack in that situation as the check would be to 'get around the shield'.
Here comes the flails.
But from a strictly contact pov it would seem to me to be easier to hit the
arm with the shield rather than vice versa even if the opponent is trying
to avoid the shot rather than use the shield as intended, maybe because its
a flail-blow :-).
So if its viewed as a matter of straight contact rather than an attempt to
wrap a blow around the shield I'd probably go the other way in that case.
-4 no shield
-2 small shield
-1 large shield
+1 tower shield (larger that the basic body shot target)

> It's only 2 points harder than the -4DX penalty for hitting an arm in TFT.

Well yes but -2 DX cuts Joes chances in half.
A -4 drops DX 12 from about a 75% shot to a 25% chance, a 2/3rd reduction.
The -6 reduces the 12 DX by 7/8ths and the extra -2 is approaching a 2/3rd
reduction from the -4.
Appropriate for the wrap around situation but quite a stiff penalty from
the contact view.

> But TFT players who haven't moved to GURPS tend not to like such levels of
> detail, or at least can't agree on which such detailed things want house
> rules, or which house rules to use (though they agree more often that a few
> more fundamental things could use house rules).

Hee hee hee, yes I've noticed.
TFT seems almost setup for house rules.
More later, Breeders Cup weekend and LSU Bama game, the states I grew up
and was born in so I'm a tad intrested.
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