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(TFT) Scale-squares

 More on scale-squares.

A simple metric for injury is point/line/area damage for hand weapons
(+special for some of the weird stuff like bolas or boomerangs).

Point damage hits 1 specific scale-square.

Spears, foils, bullets, etc.

Line damage runs along the scale-squares describing the length of the blade
or sharp edge that hits.

This is for edged weapons and uses the idea of a 'sweet spot' along the
length as the scale-square the Figure is trying to make contact with
allowing for long blades to still get limited effect on a near miss.

Daggers, ax blades, and similar don't have enough scale-squares for this

Area damage is spread along the scale-squares described by the weapon,
again with a baseball bat having a length advantage over a mace-head or the
like but lacking similar focus on the 'sweet-spot'.

Three feet of length is 11 scale-squares.

And that points straight to equipment in general.

I always really liked the tiny little chits Melee had for dropped weapons.

For awhile there in the early days I was involved with a group of Magic the
Gathering players (not RPG'ers) that got pretty intense.

Not long after that Diablo came out.

So I got interested in treating equipment to scale as objects and as a kind
of card game for purposes of manipulation.

TFT has a lot of pickup/drop/ready stuff in the ruleset.

I was already trying to 'measure' stuff before I ran into Diablo's ' pack,
layed out in squares.

Setting my thoughts on cards, equipment manipulation like that started to
look like a kind of solitaire layout with pickup/drop/ready Actions
mimicking draws/discards.

Then I saw the Pirate cards with the punch-outs.

This is very playable, and players love customization of their 'rigs'.

Encumbrance isn't just bookkeeping anymore.

I'll thread scale-square stuff that's not related to the Fokker Fodder here
for now.
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