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Re: (TFT) TFT: The Sewers of Redpoint Pictures

Seriously Cris, I have no idea. When Heroscape first came out I bought a few master sets just to play TFT on. Then I actually tried the game. You know, it wasn't half bad. So I picked up a few more sets, some to customize for TFT, some just to play Heroscape on with my son.

Then a couple of Toy's R'Us closed down in our area and started discounting everything. So I bought some more at half price, then some more at a quarter of the price. At the very end I was grabbing Master sets for $5.00 each! At the time it was just to much of an impossible a deal to pass up. Now I'm glad I did. I'm playing and customizing tons of 'Scape - and playing TFT on more and more elaborate setups. So don't laugh when I tell you I have a total of 26 original Master sets. Count in the lava, road, tundra and castle sets and that number easily triples. Towards the middle of Heroscape's run I started picking up 5 boxes of all of the common figures. That's thousands of figures. And now there are over 250, well tested, custom superheros cards. I have all of those figures as well.

So how much? Don't want to guess. I know my collection is worth a lot more than I put into it. Just check out some of the prices this stuff is fetching on eBay. At least some of the basic terrain can still be had pretty cheap, but even that is starting to dry up.

David O. Miller

On Feb 28, 2012, at 4:32 PM, Cris Fuhrman wrote:

Very cool pics and story. Do you mind to say how much $ you have invested
in heroscape tiles?
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