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Re: (TFT) Re: WWII

On Sat, Mar 31, 2012 at 8:49 PM, Joel BoardgameRpger wrote:
> you should put the word MONSTER after each one of the talents on each one
> of those
> mad men you stated out.

Yeah... it is a bit like trying to write The Screwtape Letters...

I ended up taking a break from the high-level Dark Lord stuff last night.
I ended up with a rough outline for using my old Magic the Gathering
cards in Civ4 after reading a Blog from some folks who had some
thoughts on a campaign version of Magic.

1 Civ tile = 1 mana card

Civ tile base terrain type b mana colour
Coast b blue
Plains b white
Desert b none
Ocean b none
Ice b none
Grassland b none

Civ tile terrain feature type b mana colour
Hills b red
Floodplains b white (big cities and lots of healing needed to avert
the negative health of floodplains)
Oasis b blue
Jungle b black
Fallout b black (black is encouraged to make nuclear war)
Forrest b green
Ice b none

Note that terrain features occur on base terrain tiles and the overlap
can make one tile hold two different coloured mana.

In Civ4 the duel maps are 24 tiles n/s by 40 tiles e/w for a total of 960 tiles.
So after generating a few quick maps I come out with the following
ratios per map.

~25 jungle
~25 hills
~50 plains
~50 woods
~125 coast

That's not too awful from the old two and a half other cards per mana
I used as a general start before tuneup.
That's potential for up to 100 card decks for red and black, 200 card
decks for white and green and 300 for blue.
Of course, it'd be awfully difficult to get every tile of a certain
terrain type within working radius of cities and I'm thinking that in
a bcampaignb a citizen working a tile activates that land for use as
The rule would be that you can't play a mana w/o a citizen working a
Civ tile of the matching terrain type.
Simpler still would be to allow any tile in the cultural borders to be tapped.
This adds another wrinkle to the early scouting and settlement phase of Civ.
I'd probably let players look at their Civ start before building their
deck but the built in editor would make it easy to give each player an
ideal start for their capital city as well.
One could even skip the scouting and show the whole map from the get go.

I'd use a great person to represent the players on the Civ map.
Generally I'd keep the Civ combat as representing the national armies
while encounters between players great persons on the Civ map would
resolve as MtG duels.
When Civ Units are also in the stack with the players great persons
I'd let the Civ game handle its Units combat and let the surviving
players Units subtract 1 Life each against the opponent before
starting the MtG duel.
I'd use the editor to destroy those Units as I assume that dealing
that 1 Life to such a powerful magic user is pretty much a kamakazie

Obviously I couldn't hope to address all the different card types and
how they would affect the Civ map here but I think there's enough to
it that something like this could work with a little creativity and
Civ4 is pretty highly moddable which makes it easier to smooth out
major wrinkles.

I got to admit though, when people started spending money to get
specific cards I quit messing with this one.
It was one thing to grab a few boosters now and again but when the
comic shop started carrying rare stuff and a few of the folks I was
playing with started dropping big bucks, including some stuff
specifically meant to go against my decks, I saw the writing on the
wall and left the gathering.
So I'd take this with several thousand grains of salt.


They say I don't belong
I must stay below alone
Because of my beliefs I'm suppossed to stay where the evil is sown.
What is evil anyway


Is there reason to the rhyme
Without evil there could be no good so it must be good to be evil sometimes

Up there there is so much room
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Everyone dreams, I can dream too

Up there, Up where the skys are ocean blue
I could be safe and live without a care
Live without a care
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