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On Sat, Mar 31, 2012 at 9:19 PM, Joel BoardgameRpger wrote:
> Have you looked at VBAM?

http://www.vbamgames.com/ ?

If that's them I have not.
I'll poke around on the site a bit.
Okay, I found the Colonies chapter and I'll give it a read.

This stuck out to me.
" Ibm still working on balancing the intel missions and trying to
figure out which missions to keep and which to possibly save for later
books. A flavor of Virtutis Umbrabs subversion rules are included in
this draft, though theybll probably be made into optional rules and
moved to another book instead of being presented as part of the core
rules. The biggest problem with the intel rules has always been trying
to balance the cost of running missions against their benefits."

I've found that running different games on different scales
simultaneously pretty much renders issues of 'balance' moot.
The rules should be fair of course, but the whole idea of combat is to
try and bring your strength where the enemy is weakest, ergo a combat
forced from a higher scale is usually not going to be balanced for one
I understand balance for specific scenarios for a specific system like
Space Hulks (see Templar Assault on android devices) but if I'm using
Masters of Orion for larger scale actions and strategic mapping then
that kind of balance is right out the window.
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