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(TFT) ...and the distinct sound of a tommy gun bolt being pulled back

Pirates, Mages, Gangsters, Walktapi, Saugin, and a Sanitorium,
... and the distinct sound of a tommy gun bolt being pulled back

As my wiley imagination continues to make waves for the pc's in their quest
to return home to their modern world.

The group is doing its best to keep to their mission. They accepted a quest
to look into the sudden and unexpected disappearance of a young lad who was
the squire of a local nobel.  This nobel had taken ill, and was too weak to
make the journey out of town to a local spring.  The lad was tasked with
bringing back a tub of water for his lord to soak in. Simple enough. Or, so
it seemed.

The investigated the sanitorium and quickly made the aquaintence of the
owner of the estate, Mr Chilton Dare, great great great grandson of the
same Dare family who plunged him self off the cliffs. That is a tale for a
later date.  The also made a brief introduction to local retired Ship
Captain Mierson, who spends most of his time at the Sanitorium. It is here
he takes his repose, writing his memoirs. The view from above the ocean
offers him comfort, as his his heart is forever riding the waves of the
west sea. On a clear day, he can see the small islands which remind him of
small tuffs of grass. He has spend many a day watching and remembering his
days of glory as both a man of distinction for the royal navy and a
gentleman of fortune.

The group snooped and discovered that the man servant of the estate was the
son of a notorius sea pirate. He kept his fathers things secreted away
behind a faux wall. There were maps of local islands, mirror fine stainless
steel sword bearing the Sperrus Family crest, as well as logs and diaries.
The maps indicated possbile hidden ports on these supposedly uninhabited
islands. Without knowledge of the hidden one would think that his man was a
truly humble servant of the estate. However, we now know that was false...
they approached the man servant and confronted him about the secret room,
and he bade them to come to a meeting that night.  True to his duplicitous
nature he had the group ambushed by none other than Boraz, a famous and
cunning Walktapi Pirate, and a group of murderous saugin scally wags, along
with Walthier a local bucaneer Wizard whos evil and wretched ways had been
the end of many a good man.  The wizard instructed the pirates to take
prisoners where possible and put them in the sewers, same as the lad they
'had' caught earlier.

Down to the last breath the group fought. During the fight with the saugin,
Walthier and Sperrus made their escape to a jolly boat down the
cliffs,  The group bravely stood toe to toe with the enemy saugin untill
they were almost gone. Then Boraz the multi armed killing machine closed
with them. Only by the miracle of luck did they dispatch this terror. They
had not lost even one companion, though they were close. They physicker
tended to their needs and wounds.  They found Walthiers cache, even though
he and Sperrus had escaped during the chaos of the ensuing frey. Walthiers
chest was small but filled with magical jewels, and his cache had scrolls
and jewelry.  From the fallen saugin they salvaged a magic belt, and prayer
shawl. I will tell you this though, the danger of the night was not yet

They made their way back to the sanitorium by the cliffs.  It was quiet and
Chilton was sipping brandy by the fire with old Mrs Clute, a widow and
resident.  After a brief chat with the owner Mr Chilton, the group took
their leave to with the pretense of retired to their room. But, they went
to Sperrus's quarters and they searched revealing treasures, a sealed
leather packet, and a treasure stash of his own.

it was then that they heard the distinct sound of a tommy gun bolt being
pulled back. It was the elegant and well mannered Captain Mierson, and the
estate maid, his companion. She held a large colt piston in her frail hand.
It was odd the contrast of this handsome older woman in her pink robe
and matching bonnet, and her bangs resting demurely over her forhead. She
smiled and pointed her pistol at the group and her smile then melted into
something visceral.

"Come lads, hand over that sealed note. Hand it over, and I will allow you
all to live. You may even keep Sperrus's loot"

Though we thought the better of it, we finally agreed to allow Captain
Mierson have the note. And we did so. We carefully transfered the sealed
not to the standing in the doorway, with his tommy gun held tightly in both
hands.  "Sir, Might we ask what is so worth possibly killing us over?"

"Will I wont have to kill you now, but I will tell you. Its Captain
Sperrus's map. The map of ... Skeleton Island."

So we were allowed to live. We turned, as instructed, and faced the wall,
hoping not to be gunned down in cold blood, and counted to sixty while he
made his escape.  To die in a strange world, in a foreign world, which was
some how seemed to be drawn from some ones fantastic memories, would be
fitting for our banished group...

But we lived and returned to the city, with a lead on where the boy we
sought, was taken.

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