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(TFT) (found) Flying Monkeys!

I found the flying monkey and the chmpanzee in a downloadable fan written
tft suppliment. I cant remember where. Maybe TFT-JME yahoogroup. The first
entry and second entries are listed as published the third entry is for a
swarm of the nuisance version


They occur in small groups. Young ones are in demand as pets because of
their intelligence, bringing up to 100 C. However, an attempt to kidnap a
baby chimpanzee will call down the wrath of the group - which may very well
not attack you then, but follow and jump you later.

ST 14 DX 12 IQ 7 MA 10 Size: 1 hex

Attacks: HTH (1d+1) Armor: None

Talents: Automatically knows NATURALIST



A race of winged chimps of near-human intelligence. While not innately
evil, they are weak-willed and easily turned to dark deeds. They are
favorite scouts and servants of morally compromised witches and wizards.
Flying monkeys live and fight in large groups; typically a dozen or more
will be encountered at once. A favorite tactic is for a group of several
flying monkeys to swarm a foe, pin him, and then carry him away. No flying
monkey will be seen in public without his vest and tiny hat.

ST: 10 DX: 13 IQ: 7 MA: 8 (ground), 14 (air) Size: 1 hex

Attacks: HTH  Armor: None

Flying Monkey (Swarming Nuisance critter):

ST: 6  DX: 10  IQ: 7 MA: 6 (ground), 12 (air) Size: 1 hex

Attacks: Swarm and subdue(3 or more adjacent successful attacks, and the
victim is subdued and carried away. 3 successful Save Vs STR to evade.)   1
pt per punch/bite, ignores armor
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