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Re: (TFT) Stealth again, and music

3 main components here.

1st; Figure interaction
This is one Figures ability to "sneak" pitted against another Figures
ability to sense generally and concentrate for an extended period
MiniMax between identical Joe Average players in theory.

2nd; Environment
Seems obvious but its not.
There is no night and day in space.
One field is not necessarily the same as another.
There are two different sections of gravel beach around here with one being
pretty crunchy and the other area quite firm.
Also, environment is alarm radius and similar for the guards ahla the bravo
sentries in Tollenkar's Lair.

3rd; Equipment
Again not quite so obvious.
I'll argue that buildings belong here.
A nightingale floor is to a building what dark clothing is to a sneak.
If players are worried about intruders they'll make a 'tomb of horrors' on
their own and include "evil otto" if you let them.

I really like your system.

"This whole thing is going to get complicated really fast."

Well it will get more complicated the more players mess with it, but nobody
bothers with nightingale floors unless somebodies training ninjas.
Unless a player is going with something like assassin from the getgo then I
prefer to let play build the complexity.
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