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Re: (TFT) Stealth again, and music

> Same. I've always been attracted to the whole Stealth style of play...
> the problem in most pen and paper RPGs is that its not very
> interesting. Roll a die to see if you succeed, keep going if you do.

This is not my experience. The 'stealth style' has more to do with making
sure you don't have to roll, than by being bored by having to roll.

> Many think it'd be impossible to make it interesting because, unlike a
> video game, there is not that instant tension and interaction between
> the guards and the stealthy player.

I'm not one of the many.

> You need to not have too much knowledge of where you are sneaking...
> at the most, lay out of the building/terrain. You should not know
> where all the guards are or how many of them you'll see, at least not
> usually. There should be multiple ways to each objective. Generally
> you must stumble on these ways.

If you're stumbling, then you're playing stupid. You need as much
information as you can get, and then you need to put it toegether. That's
the interesting part.

Neil Gilmore
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