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(TFT) Stealth again, and music

After some consideration (and pestering from players), I came up with a system for sneaking past guards and such:

Basic stealth roll:
3d w/ Silent Mvmt
2d w/ Spying
1 more die if carrying enough to reduce MA (more than 2xST in kg)
1 fewer if moving only 1 hex per turn

Subtract the number rolled from the stealthy one's DX, then add that number to the roll for the noticing figure.

Basic notice roll:
4d v (IQ - (amount by which stealthy figure made roll))
3d w/ Alertness
2d w/ Acute Hearing
1d w/ both
1 more die if figure is outside Creation-spell range
1 more die if distracted (i.e. reading, playing a game, watching something, picking toenails...)
2 more dice if involved in combat

If the sneaky figure is more than 3 MH away from the noticing figure, and not in their line of sight, then as long as they have Silent Movement, no roll needs to be made; the sneaky figure will go undetected. If the figure does not have Silent Movement, the roll is reduced to 3vDX.

Example: Picky the thief, with Silent Movement and DX 13, is sneaking by Grom the guard, with IQ 9 and no relevant talents. Picky gets a 9 on his DX roll (on three dice), making it by 4 points (13 - 9 = 4). This means that Grom needs to roll 5 or less (IQ 9 - the 4 by which Picky made the roll), on 4 dice, in order to notice Picky. He rolls a 15 - not even close.

On his way back, Picky rolls a 14, missing his DX roll by 1. Grom then rolls 3 dice against his IQ, minus the difference between Picky's DX and his stealth roll. So this time he needs to roll a 10 or less (IQ 9 + the 1 point by which Picky missed). He rolls 10 exactly, notices Picky, and attacks - they roll for initiative normally.

Also: I suspect that having music playing in the background will be a big help in getting into the 'feel' of the game, building atmosphere, and encouraging people to focus on the action, and plan to try it next session. Have any of y'all done it, and how did it work? Any recommendations?

- Meg
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