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Re: (TFT) Field medic/healing touch?

I'm not sure what Joel's original question was, since what he described was consistent with what ITL says. It sounds like maybe he just meant "can NPC's heal PC's", and I would answer, "of course, unless it's some special scenario or game reason why they wouldn't, or the GM is weird. The GM should of course consider whether and why the NPC would heal anyone in the game situation, and what conditions the NPC might have (such as wanting to be compensated one way or another for his work, though if the PCs are risking their lives for a cause the NPC is allied with, the NPC might (depending on his culture and character) not be so mercenary as to ask for coin)".

As for ability and healing rules, in TFT we did as Chris Nicole answered, tracking each wound and allowing it to be healed separately, since this seems to make the most sense.

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