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Re: (TFT) Stealth again, and music

Hmm, I like the initial approach, but rather than trying to develop a system with listed modifiers for every possible circumstance, I would suggest listing the main usual factors, as you have done, and then describing what the usual circumstances are like where stealth is possible, and then describing a few situations that are more and less easy to sneak through, and giving those ratings. Then the GM, with help of some more ideas for what things might make a difference, can assess the whole situation that exists in the game world, and compare it to those general categories, without having to do a lot of math on factors that would be tricky to make give the accurate overall difficulty in all combination of circumstances (and easy to make systems of numbers that seem right in some situations, but be silly in others).

For example (could be more fleshed out):
Broad daylight with no cover and noisy ground: impossible (need distraction or darkness AND masking noise to even have a chance)
Very slight cover only: very difficult (two dice harder than normal)
Not very good cover: difficult (one die harder than normal) 
Some good cover: usual 
Good cover is available: (one less die required)
Very good cover is available: (two dice easier)

I also think that it's both more realistic and more fun if it's more based on circumstances, and if the rolls are not always linked. Sometimes it doesn't matter how quiet someone is as long as they aren't making a lot of suspicious noise, and in some situations, it might not matter how smart or keen-eyed a guard is, if the only way they'd notice the sneaker is if they are looking the right way at the right time.

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